Introducing the New JS205 Hydraulic Excavator, before you buy an Excavator, you need to know it's going to be good enough to perform any job you ask of it. Fortunately , with the new JCB JS205, Fuel Economy, Strength & Durabilitycome as standard.
Spare Parts are critical for operational effectiveness of our business as wel as our customers fleet. With our extensive range of spare parts inventory.
Today's leading companies are investing in their future generation of top-notch professional who are visionaries, strategists, organization builders and leaders to ensure competitiveness and sustainability.
Leadership is the ability person to influence others to cooperate in accordance with the plan for the sake of the achievement of expected goals. (From Info Altrak - Kepemimpinan)
Pengumuman Pemenang Perlombaan Video Yel - Yel PTA Anniversary 37th  2015-06-29 09:11:07

Terimakasih kami ucapkan kepada seluruh karyawan atas partisipasinya dalam mengikuti perlombaan video yel-yel PTA Anniversary 37th.

ALTRAK Sahabat Alam  2015-06-26 17:22:24

Memperingati Hari Lingkungan Hidup Sedunia yang jatuh pada tanggal 5 Juni 2015, Altrak 1978 mengadakan kegiatan penghijauan dengan mengambil tema Altrak Sahabat Alam, diantaranya melakukan penanaman pohon peneduh