Introducing the New JS205 Hydraulic Excavator, before you buy an Excavator, you need to know it's going to be good enough to perform any job you ask of it. Fortunately , with the new JCB JS205, Fuel Economy, Strength & Durabilitycome as standard.
Spare Parts are critical for operational effectiveness of our business as wel as our customers fleet. With our extensive range of spare parts inventory.
Today's leading companies are investing in their future generation of top-notch professional who are visionaries, strategists, organization builders and leaders to ensure competitiveness and sustainability.
Leadership is the ability person to influence others to cooperate in accordance with the plan for the sake of the achievement of expected goals. (From Info Altrak - Kepemimpinan)
QSK95 Launch Press Release  2014-11-12 09:40:17

Online global events on November 5 and 6 will feature presentations by senior executives and live Q&A with technical experts in an interactive virtual environment packed

Celebrate 36th Anniversary of Altrak. Proud to be a Member of Altrak 1978  2014-06-23 16:58:19

PT Altrak 1978 has turn into its 36 years old on June 12. It is not a festal celebration as last year, but still meaningful and full of kinship. All employees come to enliven the celebration. This time is filled with ceremonial such as pray together