ALTRAK 1978 is one of the well established companies operating as a Sole Agent and Distributor of Heavy Equipment in Indonesia. This company has been stretching its wings under the umbrella of Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) group which also handles some 60 subsidiaries operating in various business sectors, with a total employees of about 35,000 people.

Founded in 1978, on 12 June, the Company has ever since been handling the agency of world class products that have direct contribution to the government programmes, which aim at enhancing infrastructure, mining, food industry, and other non oil and gas sectors.

A marketing network involving more than 30 braches throughout Indonesia provides excellent support to the successful operations of ALTRAK 1978. Through this comprehensive network, prompt and adequate after sales supports can be made readily available for every customer in line with the high standards imposed by the principals.

As a Sole Agent and Distributor of high class products, ALTRAK 1978 is commited to put the company's philosophy, "Your Total Partner", into reality. Every sale of the product is always accompanied by adequate product supports, which include excellent parts availability, factory trained technicians, as well as relevant training.

Board of Directors
At P.T. ALTRAK 1978, we belive in achieving success teamwork, a solid teamwork that is built upon values which encompass speed, agility, quality, integrity, professionalism, flexibility, anticipation and adaptability.
Above and beyond quality products from our world-famous principals we represent, the knowledge, expertise and experience that we have been accumulating through decades of hard work.
Every time when a product is sold, P.T. ALTRAK 1978 is committed to take on a more important role, which is to provide comprehensive support to the customer throughout Indonesia.
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